ABC Natural Keyboard with the alphabetical, A-Z layout

Who should use it and why?
The ABCkeyboardTM‘s aim is to free beginners from unnecessary thought processes now so they can concentrate on expressing themselves with better speed and accuracy until voice input is more standard.

The ABCkeyboardTM is for keyboard beginners; it is not aimed at proficient QWERTY users. It is particularly valuable to those at home with no access to qwerty training

Qwerty and keyboards generally will be replaced by voice and other input in a few years. IBM sell voice and pen input packages now. New technologies such as text messaging, touch-screen systems and PDA’s have prepared for the future with alphabetical layouts now. A second ABCkeyboardTM can be kept at the office until that time arrives.

The ABCkeyboardTM enables users to concentrate on the Alphabet, a lifetime skill, instead of fragmenting their efforts on a second alphabet, qwerty, a more limited skill that will soon be obsolete.

Keyboard connectors.
What sort of connector does my computer have? The ABCkeyboardTM comes with a PS/2 style connector as it is the most widely used today. If you have an older computer with the original PC or AT style connectors (the old 5 pin DIN), we are currently including an adaptor free. So you can fit an ABC keyboard to any personal computer! Click here for info on connectors (ie jacks).

Why should I buy an ABCkeyboardTM?
Its much faster to learn than Qwerty. (And experienced ABC typists become slightly faster than experienced Qwerty typists.) What’s the point of going to the pain of learning Qwerty and typing slower (10 times slower in the beginning) to learn something that will soon be obsolete when voice input arrives? Particularly for children – if a child is 8 years old, Qwerty may be extinct before he leaves school. He may never be able to use it in real life. (If he can, he would still have been faster with ABC.) FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions

Qwerty’s history.
In 1867 Mr. Sholes invented a typewriter. Naturally they used an ABC layout. But typists got so fast they jammed the keys on the new but primitive typewriter. So the Qwerty layout was devised, which slowed them down. Remington Typewriters copied Mr. Sholes layout for the same reason. We’ve been unnecessarily stuck with Qwerty ever since! More History of Qwerty

Speed Typing and performance for professional typists
Performance tests tend to show professional ABC typists outperform professional Qwerty typists by a small margin. However with learners Qwerty is way slower than ABC.

A note for teachers.
The qwerty keyboard becomes embedded in our subconcious and we cannot use any other keyboard. We cannot even assess another keyboard on behalf of beginners; we have to allow them to make that assessment themselves. Experienced Qwerty users find the ABCkeyboard impossible; beginners find it delightfully easy.

Advantages of the ABCkeyboardTM ABC is much easier and faster for beginners to learn, much easier for “Hunters and peckers” (one or two fingered typists) to use.

Read the advantages of the ABCkeyboardTM

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How do I type with an ABC keyboard?
You know where the keys are because you know your ABC! That’s it!. However as a tip remember that the letters A-J are in the top row, K-S in middle row, and T-Z in the bottom row. Then you’ll soon find you don’t even have to look at the keyboard to type. Instructions Here!

Dyslexics and the learning disabled find ABC much easier
Young dyslexics can find it difficult enough to learn the alphabet. It really is very unfair to then expect them to learn Qwerty too when its unnecessary. Particularly as by the time they leave school keyboards may be largely extinct and replaced by voice or other input methods. All their effort on Qwerty will be wasted. ABC is so much easier.

The ABCkeyboardTM at work
You can take an ABCkeyboardTM to work and leave it there. Simply unplug the old Qwerty keyboard and plug the ABCkeyboardTM in. At any time in the future you can reverse the process and bring the ABCkeyboardTM back home.

Laptops and ABC
Most laptops have a spare port for an external keyboard. And most will allow you to plug the ABCkeyboardTM and use both the laptop’s qwerty keyboard and the ABCkeyboardTM at the same time! (If not we have drivers that will allow you to convert the keyboard in your laptop to the ABC layout – free to existing ABCkeyboard users.)

Hunters and Peckers – Adults and children
The majority of computer users never become fast typists. They type with two fingers. Its much easier for them to use an ABCkeyboardTM for as long as computers still need keyboards.

Experienced Qwerty users
There’s little we can do for you! Once you have gone to the trouble to learn Qwerty you’re really stuck with it. It becomes embedded in your subconcious and its very difficult to learn any other keyboard. You may as well stick with it. Sorry! But you could buy an ABCkeyboardTM for your spouse, children or parents. And its a wonderful gift for friends, Christmas and birthdays.