ABCkeyboard Connectors

Personal Computer keyboard connector jacks

There are three types of keyboard connectors: 1.) The old 5 pin DIN (white) found on the original IBM PC and AT. We have an adaptor available for $3.

2.) The PS/2 (the purple one). Nearly every PC uses these, and that’s what the ABCkeyboardTM has.

3.) USB (black). A USB version of the ABCkeyboardTM will not be available before next year.

1. PC and AT 2. PS/2 3. USB

If you are in doubt follow your old keyboard’s cable to the back of the computer, note where it connects, and pull it out. Look to see which of the three ends it has and plug the ABCkeyboard in the same socket.

USB and Apple Mackintosh only
The ABCkeyboard can be connected to a USB port with a PS/2 to USB adapter which we sell for $12. This is the way to get an ABCkeyboard working with an Apple Mackintosh. We have only tested it with OS X where it works well, and cannot confirm it with any earlier version of MACOS. If using anything USB, ensure the three pronged USB logo is facing upwards as you plug it in.