ABCkeyboard FAQs

Why should I buy an ABCkeyboard?
Its much faster to learn than Qwerty. (And experienced ABC typists are slightly faster than experienced Qwerty typists.)

Is there a Guarantee?
Yes, you have a 30 day money back guarantee. (Shipping and handling is not refunded.)

If I buy an ABCkeyboardTM now, won’t I have to learn Qwerty for the Office?
No. You just buy a second ABCkeyboardTM for the office.
You will be able to use an ABCkeyboardTM for as long as computers still need keyboards.

I’m a beginner. Shouldn’t I make the effort to learn Qwerty? No. Qwerty will become extinct when scratch pads and voice input make Qwerty obsolete.

It’s pointless to go through the pain of learning Qwerty when you can use the ABC you know.

Will it work on my computer? It works on the 1 billion plus Personal Computers (PCs) in the world. These are also known as IBM PC compatibles. If you have a Dell, see below.

I am an experienced keyboard user (ie a Qwerty user). Should I buy an ABCkeyboard?TM
No. If you have learned Qwerty, its difficult to change. Stay with Qwerty. The ABCkeyboardTM makes a great gift. You can buy one for your children, spouse or parents.

Why Qwerty? Isn’t Qwerty essential?
No. Qwerty was made stop fast typists jamming keys on the clumsy keyboards of 1867. Today, computers don’t need you to go slow. Its the alphabet that is essential.

Can the ABCkeyboardTM type lower as well as upper case letters?
Yes it can. And the ABCkeyboardTM has more functions than ordinary keyboards, not less.

Any other features?
Accidental use of the Caps and Insert keys are prevented by use of the shift key, it has the £ Sterling and € Euro currency symbols, the annoying duplicate cursor use of the numeric keypad and the numlock key has been removed.

Will it plug it into my computer?
Yes, it just plugs in.

How do I plug it into my computer?
Power your PC down, pull out the old keyboard’s cable, push the ABCkeyboardTM cable into the same hole. Then power up. That’s it.

What sort of connector does it have?
It has a PS/2 connector, which is the most common. Old PCs or AT PC’s may have the old five pin Din connector. We have the old adapter available, so the ABCkeyboardTM will fit into all PC’s.

Does it need software or other changes?
No. None. (All the changes are in the ABCkeyboard. Absolutely no software, codepage or other changes are needed. Nothing. Just plug it in. It uses the same American 101 keyboard sofware driver your Qwerty keyboard is using now – don’t change anything.)

Will it work on my laptop?
Only if your laptop has a PS/2 connector port (many do). (See for pictures.)

Does it work on the Apple Mac?
Only with a PS/2 to USB adapter which we sell for $12, and only with MACOS X and above.

What about Dells?
Dell computer have a different BIOS chip and won’t boot up with an ABCkeyboard attached. They will work if you hot swap them while they’re up, which is highly unsatisfactory.

What is Qwerty
Qwerty is the layout of the alphabetic keys on a typewriter keyboard. The top line starts with the letters “Q W E R T Y”.

What is an ABC keyboard?
A computer keyboard where the letters are laid out in alphabetic, A-Z order. The top line reads “A B C D E F G”.

Any other questions
Call customer support on 1 800 567 1602