Breaking Down the Categories of Air Soft Guns – ABC Keyboard

You could find several types of these weapons, and they suit various types of soft Air game fighting scenarios as you might have found while browse any specific Air Soft online store. Therefore, we will disassemble the different kinds of weapons, so that you can play a fully functional role. Including urban warfare, the battlefield, many of the common scenarios involve different positions, including an engine gun operator, rifleman and sniper. There are a number of excellent Air Soft weapons for all of these that will benefit you and place you above your fellow gunmen.

We start with the so-called small weapons, i.e. guns and arms that are also known as side arms. This is hardly the first option for war situations, but it is the last step to take when you have no weapons for other kinds of weapons. In this case, the guns typically include the type charged with the spring and also the electric types, which have a decreasing muzzle speed and thus a short fired range of about 25feet. Among the side arms we can still think of the personal protection firearms, which are generally small, fully or semi-automatic, guns with a strong range of fire. Included among these Air soft arms are gas-operated and electric blowback handguns.

The nearest quarter war would definitely be the most reenacted scenario in the Air soft game. It involves situations like shooting enclosed spaces, room to room, and between depictions of buildings. For these situations, soft Air guns need great precision, range / speed and manoeuvrability. The arms used in this group are the replicas of those that have excellent efficiency and precision and mostly collapsible stocks in regular military operations. In this category, the G3 and the M4 are common weapons.

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The following category are the attack weapons, which are generally half or fully automatic. This range includes predominantly carbohydrate, or maybe this special category, and weapons can be used both for close quarter battles and for personal defence. These Air Soft Guns imitate most of the military’s common problem weapons. They have a very long range and precision and can also make them ideal for open terrain war. These arms can fire several rounds per second. The M16, M4 carbine and AK 47 are examples for this type.

We have battle and sniper rifles for a more long range scenario. Those air soft weapons are usually single firearms, which are corked manually even though there are multiple versions that work entirely automatically. They are able to position an opponent well beyond his or her effective range of weapons. You have longer barrels, are very voluminous and your accuracy is just fine. The Soviet sniper rifle Dragunov, a battle rip M1 Garand, an M4 mod0/1 sniper and an M14, a sniper cum battle rifle are all available here.