Choosing an International School For Expat Kids? Things to Watch Out For – ABC Keyboard

So now, recently you flew to Bangalore. You want your child to see identical academic expectations and experience the very same educational environment he used to return home. Then in Bangalore you have to pick an international school. Enable me to share a few items when deciding on your children’s best international.

International norms in the name of the school do not necessarily mean:

Just do not take in the name of the school the term ‘foreign.’ Many schools in India usually use the word international in the name but offer local training standards. It is also best to look beyond the title and find out if the school really meets international expectations in all areas – from facilities to teacher quality, through management policies and ethics.

Is it an international curriculum? Check if the school has a preparation programme for an International Baccalaureate (IB). Many schools in Europe and the USA follow this model, so adjusting to this programme is much easier for your kids. In addition, IB international institutions adhere with equal focus to extracurricular programmes and academics to a comprehensive approach to education. Therefore the focus is on your child’s entire development.

World-class facilities or maybe only local fare? Test to see if the equipment is world class. In terms of equipment, inspect for air conditioning in the classrooms, the laboratories are well-equipped. To see how the faculty is being educated internationally? There are also faculty members from different nationalities in several international schools in India. Walk around the campus to make sure it’s an international attraction, sound and look, a place where your children can certainly feel at home.

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Hot tip: See the cafeteria for more information about whether the school is truly global. One way to find out whether the school is truly foreign is simply by visiting the cafe and sampling the food. You will feel right at home at the brand new school when you are able to find some cereal for your spaghetti and pancakes for lunch. In all matters, you kid need the food to enjoy and be well fed to enjoy the whole experience of learning; isn’t it??