The Unique Challenges Facing Medical Marijuana Sellers and Users – ABC Keyboard

As every other business, Medical Marijuana owners face obstacles many of which are getting their companies off the ground. These entrepreneurs also face greater difficulties in accessing facilities and coping with negative public sentiment, unlike ordinary establishments.

In the ultimate case of NIMBY-and not in the backyard, medical suppliers claim that it is impossible to lease in wealthier areas and are relegated to less desirable sites, raising the risk of being robbed. People need to sell medical marijuana to card patients, so they don’t want to keep shops in their neighborhoods.

Anywhere will happen break-ins

The motive for obtaining marijuana was the same in two recent cases. The dumping dumpster was robbed several times over recent days by a dispensary in Colorado Springs. Thieves used bolt cutters to open the trash bin in order to locate marijuana waste. On adjacent paths and parks, Garbage was left.

In Langley, a man who legally grew in his home for medical marijuana opened his door in BC to support two men who appeared to have a car problem. He was poured into his building, brandished a knife and a sword, handcuffed and blindfolded, and then he robbed the house and also cut off the plants of marijuana. They fled, both of his cars were stealed.

Will support Entrepreneurs legitimate business services

Whereas there are not many of the banks or perhaps merchant account supplying companies for domestic producers, it helps to minimize the attractiveness of such shops to burglars and small-scale criminals by making the same scale business services readily available to other companies. In addition to a marijuana appeal on the premises, MMJ dispensaries typically appeal for a lot of untraceable cash.

Owners have found that consumers tend to pay that way when they are in a position to process credit card transactions. The insecurity of a platform is decreasing rapidly with so little cash available.

To know more : Also the amount of cannabidiol (CBD) contained in these products is not always reported accurately on the product label.

The challenge with accessing these services is that while some state governments have approved medical marijuana sales to card people, the federal government has not recognized marijuana as a state issue. The marijuana is still illegal at the federal level and the banks are primarily dependent on the FDIC to insure their account holders and have to abide by various federal regulations.

What’s holding the future?

There really is no way to anticipate how the battle to legalize marijuana is going. Several towns which have previously agreed to sell MMJ try to reverse the situation; others try to boost connectivity and services. A legalization of alcohol following prohibition is the best example of such a case historically. Sales offences have significantly reduced.

With regard to the future tax base, it is difficult to understand whether MMJ would be fully legalized by the federal and state governments. This would be a very good improvement for business owners, meaning the availability of all required business services.