The Use of Medical Marijuana in California – ABC Keyboard

At least one twelve states have legislation legalizing the treatment of marijuana. In 1996 California’s residents adopted Proposition 215, also referred to as the 1996 Compassionate Use Act. The act was codified by California Health and Safety Code 11362.5, which states, where the medicinal use is considered acceptable and has long been proposed by a physician, that persons have the right to possess and use marijuana for medical purposes.

The Medical Marijuana Policy in California is operating at the regional and not the state level. If your county has such rules, which you must obey to get a licence, then you must first find out. Usually, a form must be completed and a written recommendation obtained from a doctor must be given. It is obvious from a quick Google search that it is much easier to obtain a medical marijuana licence than expected. Doctors will be found who will prescribe a mere $99.00 licence.

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Since it was passed, the number of medical marijuana dispensaries is enormously increasing in California. And so, like many coffee shops, medical marijuana dispensaries have “cannabaristas.” At these clinics, a person holding a medical marijuana licence can buy anything from various herbal grades to candy bars flavored with marijuana.

And products baked.

While the California law allows medical marijuana to be used, it is important for you to remember that federal law still lists marijuana as illegal narcotic. As a result of state law, a substantial number of dispensaries face state criminal charges. Nonetheless, dispensary raids that were usual during the Bush Administration have stopped with President Obama ‘s victory.

In California, the regulations on drug penalties will vary according to the amount of marijuana in possession. There is a $100.00 fine if you do not possess more than 28.5 grammes of marijuana. If your weed is more than 28.5 g, you can be punished with not more than 6 months of incarceration in the county’s gaol and not more than $5,100 ($500) or by both such an incarceration and such a fine. The charges lodged will depend either on the crime type committed, the type of drug in possession, and hence the amount of the drug in possession .. The charges are dependent on the crime type committed You may be entitled to improved criminal charges and sentencing in the event you are a repeat offender or even if you have requested minors.

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